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hi, i'm jenny zhang

I'm a full stack developer with training in business/finance and sociology. This means I think a lot about the impact of technology on our society and what ethical technologists can do about it. I care deeply about accessible design, robust software architecture, API-first development, bridging the digital divide, and diversity and inclusivity in STEM.

You should get in touch if you want to hire an experienced developer who can communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, who will approach every problem critically and holistically, and who cares about serving a mission. Or if you want to chat about what ubiquitous embedded computing means for our public institutions. Or if you want to swap SFF book recommendations. I'm not picky.


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full-stack development
programming fundamentals
content management systems
design and animation
natural languages


Goodreads is the only social media app allowed on my phone. I'm trying to read 100 books in 2019! Come chat.
Like every tiny nerd who reads a ton, I also love to write. You can find me on my blog or on Medium. I used to run a politics newsletter, and while I'm no longer writing that the archives are still available online.
fun fact

On most places on the internet, you'll find me under some variant of the username "phirephoenix" or "phire". I picked the name when I was 11, and it's still the only username I can reliably get on new sites I sign up for. I've been using the handle for so long now that I can't really imagine going by anything else, and as far as "usernames you picked as a pre-teen that now constitute your entire online identity" go, I could be doing a lot worse.


The quickest way to reach me would be either by email or Twitter, but I'll also happily accept postcards, smoke signals, or some combination of the following: